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ZENIT - The Chandrasekhar Limit (2013) Suíça

On Zenit’s 3rd album „The Chandrasekhar Limit“ (69 minutes), Andy Thommen affixes a seal with his distinctive bass play right from the start of the first song (“Awaken”). Later, with the start of the guitar, you will somewhat be reminded of the Clepsydra sound: awesome guitar-bass team play! Here you start with what you expect to get from this brilliant album: quality. The marvelous long tracker “Matrimandir” (17 minutes), brings a breath of oriental sounds in a very subtle but delicate way without being brash, despite the Sanskrit lyrics now and then. One of the best long tracker of recent times clocking around 25 minutes, is “The Daydream Suite” that brings reminiscences of Pink Floyd and all the other stuff a prog suite should have: crazy keyboard solos, melodic guitar lines, cool bass parts and complex choirs, harmoniously in action. The rocking instrumental sound of “Pulsar”, the sweet and sinful ballad “Cub Lady” and the screaming-jazzy “PiGreco” song, jointly make up an impressive and progressive rock album of the 21st century.

01 – Awaken [00:12:01]
02 – Matrimandir [00:02:39]
03 – The Daydream Suite [00:07:19]
04 – Pulsar [00:17:03]
05 – Cub Lady [00:05:49]
06 – PiGreco [00:23:59]


Lorenzo Sonognini / vocals & acoustic guitars
Luigi Biamino / guitars & backing vocals
Ivo Bernasconi / keyboards
Andy Thommen / bass & backing vocals
Gabriele Schira / drums & percussion

Stefano Zaccagni / saxophone
Asia Thommen, Diana Bernasconi, Maria Scandella, Ilaria Widmer / backing vocals

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