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Tower of Fire - This Time It's On Fire (2016) Austrália

01. Prologue
02. This Time It ’s Serious
03. The Fellowship of The Tower
04. Interlude: The Blacklord Raises an Army
05. The Knights of He Who Shan ’t Be Named (Samalcock)
06. The Power of Fire
07. Beware the Dragonchicken
08. Lament for the Dragonchicken
09. The Swordsman of Outspoken Misc
10. Twelve Minutes Long
11. Fight for The Tower
12. And Back Again
13. Epilogue
Dale J Williams: Vocals, bass, arrangement, lyrics, production.
Mitchell T Rogers: Guitars, lyrics.
Milly Bakker: Narrator.
Jesse Higginsion: Production Assistance, jiggy guitars.
Ella Rose: Vocals (Lament for the Dragonchicken)
Lauren Lee Innis-Youren: Vocals (Fight for the Tower)
Power Metal Sam: Party member throughout.
Tyson Williams: Voice of the Blacklord.
Sam Alcock: Chiefly Responsible

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