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"Dreamers" Psychoprism, are a band hailing from New Jersey, USA, with an accurate vision of musical constrution. Formed in 2012, Jess Rittgers, Voc; Bill Visser, Guitars; Michael James, Bass; Kevin Myers, drums and Adam Peterson, Keys; are a newcomer in the symphonical, neoclassical metal business with a taste for Prog and modern metal.
With a consistent sound, this promising EP is a mix of Malmsteen, Crimson Glory, Axel Rudi Pell and Queensryche, and many other things that you can identify in their songs. My very first words should've been: "i'm impressed; no, i´m very impressed!" I like this band's musical work. Besides turning my head into a photo slide show of the best musical masters and their works, it goes further. 
Jess is an artist letting sound waves and interpretational performances out of him, And not only that, vocally he is a pro. Should Queensryche had listened to him, and who knows...? 
Bill is a great guitarrist, a very great one with some tendency to confusion, mixing Malmsteen, Pell and other guitar lords in his sounding output is too much and too repetitive, as some songs are in some parts, doesn't make the record lift off. The environmental Adam, is another good surprise. environment=ambient and he does it remarkably well. This band seems that has been arond for a long time among the main characters in Metal.
This EP with 4 excellent songs is a great calling card. Defiance was the first one i believe. With arrangements from Malmsteen and Crimson Glory, is a killer track. As are the other 3 songs, somewhat repetitive along their structure, but very well crafted. For them, i forsee a bright future. 
Now, the my recomendations are: a Change of name, Psychoprism doesn't go with this music; and the possibility to work with a professional producer in the field of NeoClassical and symphonic Metal, rearranging and settling your amazing ideas, can turn you in a dashing cometh in your first album, making you one very demanded group in the musical industry. With a vocalist like Jess and these extremely good musicians there can be no mistake.
My advice? don´t stop trying to get there, you are absolutely superb musicians to fall into oblivion.
I just hope that the ones promoting you can find the way to help you; concerning me, i'm doing my part; is there a Sasha Paeth, Luca Turilli, chris Tsangarides or even Jim Morris that can make this guys rising stars? Better yet, a valid new offer in music? Well, stand up and give them a call, they bloody well deserve it!
McLeod As Spoken!

02.Further Than You
03.Stained Glass

Jess Rittgers: All Vocals & Voices
Bill Visser: Lead Guitar
Michael James: Bass
Kevin Myers: Drums
Adam Peterson: Keyboards and Sounds

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